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Bell Holt and Wharf

If you think of yourself as more of a river fisherman than on the ponds then don't worry, we at Foxcovert Fisheries have expanded and we can now offer you private river fishing pegs on the banks of The River Trent at Church Laneham, just a short drive from our fishing ponds.

As well as catching Roach, Perch and Dace, this part of the River Trent is also home to Bream, Chub and Barbel. Additionally you can also catch Pike and Zander here.


You will find a range of swims which suit all methods, from heavy swimfeeder to the stick float.

Although there is boat traffic and water skiing in summer months, during winter anglers can enjoy peace and quiet disturbed only by the sound of wildlife.

Pegs available to night fish via prior booking.

Well behaved dogs allowed but please clear away any dog mess.


DN22 0NQ

The postcode takes you to The Ferryboat Inn the lane to our pegs is directly opposite the pub.

You can join our group on Facebook for photos, tips and more information.

Foxcovert Fisheries River Trent Pegs

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Swim 1


Swim 2


Swim 3


Swim 4


Swim 5

Please be aware that during the summer months there will be boats and water skiers going back and forth
(from 12pm at weekends and 2pm during the week) Thank you.

Last updated 13.45




  • Do not share the gate codes with anyone else and lock the gates behind you

  • Please handle fish with care, rest them where necessary and use an unhooking mat or cradle not the concrete slab.

  • No standing with fish when taking photos.

  • Dead baits only

  • Strictly no fires.

  • Raised bbqs only

  • Bring a toilet or a bucket and some bags with you. (if any human feces is found or if other land owners find any, we will not allow you back again) take any waste away with you.

  • Possessions are left unattended at your own risk.

  • Do not leave any rubbish behind. Take everything away with you

  • Please be respectful to the area and to other people

  • Well behaved dogs are welcome but keep them at your peg, and on a lead, clean up any dog mess and take it away with you

  • Make sure all members of your party are aware of the rules and enforce them.

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